Current Rates/Feed
 NOTE: Deposits must be paid to hold your reservation and are non-refundable. 

Note: Campers must provide their own bedding (sheets, blankets, etc) for cabins, bunkrooms and wagons.

Electric Sites:                     $30/night ($30 deposit per site)​​​​​
Primitive Sites:                  $20/nig​ht ($30 deposit per site)​​
Bunkroom/Wagon:           $35/night ($50 deposit each)​​​​
Rustic Cabins:                    $55/night plus $10/night/person over 4 ($50                                                    deposit each cabin) 

Stall Rental:                        $8/night
Tie Lines:                             $3/night per horse       
Stock Trailers:                    Free - tips appreciated. MUST be cleaned out! ​​
Horse Bath:                         $1.00/bath 
Ice:                                         $3.00/bag 
Propane Exchange:          $24
Stall Bedding:                     $7.00/bag
Water Tank Fill Up:          $1.00
Canoe rental:
Mixed grass hay:              $6/bale
Birthday Parties, Weddings, Special Celebrations

We encourage you to enjoy local businesses and activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing, shopping, local restaurants, swimming, and shooting range opportunities. Ask us for more details.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Rates and policies subject to change.